Sara Super Spa Hollywood - Part of Sara Super Spa Me

Spa Layout

Remove Acne!

Character Creator in Sara Super Spa Me. Players could start with an uploaded photo which the game would use to approximate the player's looks and then the player can customize from there. Players could upload characters and share them with friends and have the characters come into the spa as customers or hire them as employees.

Buy more equipment for your spa.

Customize Your Spa

Original Sara's Super Spa Title Screen

Sara Super Spa layout

Sara Super Spa Vegas Style title screen

Sara Super Spa Vegas Style layout

Remove unwanted hair

Shave away!

Fully Loaded Spa

Dental Work at the Spa

Sara Super Spa Slots spinoff

Sara’s Super Spa franchise

I was the concept creator, designer and producer of all iterations of the Sara’s Super Spa game series (5 in all).

The Sara’s Super Spa game series (5 in all) is a time-management game with a variety of mini-games. The player manages a spa by clicking and dragging clients to various stations in the spa. Once at a station, the player then clicks on the client to initiate the spa treatment where the player must complete a mini-game such as washing hair, giving a massage, doing a spray tan, manicure, etc. Most clients ask for multiple treatments at various stations. Once the client had all of the treatments they desire, they pay and exit the spa. Eventually, the player can buy upgrades, hire employees, and even alter the layout of the spa. The most recent incarnation of the game is called “Sara’s Super Spa Me”, which is the most complex version with avatar creation, Facebook sharing functionality, in-app purchases, and the most robust game play.

The franchise includes Sara’s Super Spa, Sara’s Super Spa Vegas Style, Sara’s Super Spa Me, Sara’s Super Spa Deluxe, and Sara’s Super Spa Slots – as well as an advergame version created for the film Sony Fillm: “You Don’t Mess With the Zohan” starring Adam Sandler.