Introduction of 2 of the 4 playable characters in your squad.

Taking a shot at a zombie.

Firing range of Maria.

Protagonist movement range and zombies lurking about.

Tactis: Zombie - turn based tactical shooter reminiscent of X-Com and Final Fantasy Tactics

Taking a hit from a Zombie.

Zombie Dog, Zombie Psycics, and the Zombie Brute.

Tactics: Zombie

I was the creator, producer, and designer of Tactics: Zombie – a hit turn based strategy game for

Zombies are roaming the earth and it’s up to you to stop them! Take control of a squad of desperate people to find a cure for the zombie threat in this turn-based strategy game. Summon your strategic skills to move characters, battle the undead, collect useful items, weapon upgrades, and stay alive! Use ranged gun based attacks with pistols, shotguns, and machine guns. Get close up and personal melee attacks using bats, wrenches, cricket bats and more! Encounter Zombies, Zombie Dogs, Zombie Psychics, Zombie Brutes, and the mastermind behind the pandemic, Dr. Morbid.