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Android – More Info with quality options

Android – Carosel

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Android – Predictive Search Results

Android – Search Resuts

Android – Account Drawer

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Android Tablet – Carousel

Android Tablet – Account Drawer

Android Tablet – More Info

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Android Tablet – Android Splash

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Android Tablet – More Info Page

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Android Tablet – Watchlist

Android Tablet – Editorial Article

Android Tablet – Search

Android Tablet – Catalog

Web – Editorial and Carousel

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Web – Filter

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Web – Watchlist

Web – Watchlist Expanded

Web – More Info

Web – More Info Continued

Web – Account Drawer

Web – Profile Management

Web – More Info (TV Shows)

Neon - Video On Demand Platform

As a product manager on Neon (a Video On Demand platform for iOS, Android, Web, Set-Top-Box and Consoles), I was in charge of the development of the Android and iOS platforms as well as a desktop application used for offline playback.

My responsibilities were to define the product roadmap and feature requirements, create feature specifications and data flow diagrams, and perform product analysis and competitive analysis. Additionally, I collaborated with UX and Design resources to define the overall experience, create new features, and enhance existing features.

These images showcase various product features that I helped create.

Video On Demand Platform