Burnin' Rubber 5 promo

Burnin' Rubber 4 has 5 open worlds to explore with 50 tracks, 15 vehicles, and 15 unique weapons.

Screenshot of Burnin' Rubber 4

Start of Race

Screenshot of Burnin' Rubber 4

Screenshot of Burnin' Rubber 2

Car Customization

Screenshot of Burnin' Rubber 3

Burnin' Rubber franchise

I produced all five games in the Burnin' Rubber franchise on Shockwave.com, while building a relationship with the developer (Xform) using this relationship to pump more and more resources into the series as it went along to make it the top web racing game series. The franchise has generated hundreds of millions of game plays. The games are filled with explosive action, loads of challenging races and events, and a wide array of vehicles and weapons. Each iteration gets better and better.